The 6 types of people to watch out for to avoid burglary

You might be surprised to hear this, but the large majority of serious burglaries do happen after someone has passed over insider information on what you have and where you keep them. We may still underestimate burglars or imagine them looking like they generally do in cartoons or old movies. But in real, burglars look just like you or me. They can be men or women and they work in groups with lots of informers.

Let’s see some of the key things you can do and some warning signs which may alert you to call the police right away.

The key informers of burglars are the 6 types of people you need to watch out for:

  • Postmen: they know a whole lot about who’s in and who’s not and they also get a good basic picture on who is richer and who is not.
  • Delivery guys: by getting the chance to visit a lot of houses and apartments delivery guys of all sorts can get the chance to see the basic living conditions of people plus they also know about the expensive thing they bought and they delivered.
  • Workers who work with renovations: can be carpenters, plumbers, painters etc.: these are the most likely to pass over information. If you do renovations, especially if you had to hand over the keys, call a trusted Bournemouth locksmith service to get the locks replaced as soon as possible.
  • Those who come to check your meters (gas, water, cable, electricity etc.): these guys also have the chance to collect information on your ways of living, financial situation and belonging. Always ask papers and make copies of them.
  • Friends’ friends who get in your friend during a party: this is another large group from where informers come from. What else is better than a party, to examine a house, the entrance options and the valuables?
  • Any uncalled and uninvited visitors, let them be Jehovah’s witnesses or someone collecting statistics: do not let any of these in, if you don’t want to risk your home being mapped to burglars.

We make the mistake that we do not suspect bad about people. And you don’t have to have a gold nugget in your home in order for it to get robbed. If you grew up in good conditions, you may not even realize the number of valuables you have. This ranges from art work to antiques and of course appliances and gadgets of all sorts. The MAC computer you have bought on a credit, the PlayStation you own, your grand-grandfather’s old gun or anything else that can represent a good value are prone to get stolen if you don’t pay attention. Let’s see some of the key things you can do and some warning signs which may alert you to call the police right away.

Let’s also add, that this does not mean you have to turn totally paranoid about strangers, only to be cautious especially when it comes to a stranger wanting to get in uninvited.