What to do to avoid getting burgled

There are many dos and don’ts which can help you avoid getting burgled or robbed. While you may be aware of some precautions, others might seem a novelty to you.That’s why we suggest you to read through this list and do your best to not get burgled.

  • Checking on your locks: Bournemouth locksmith services can easily help you update your locks and can also tell you if your door needs extra reinforcement or if any of your windows would need an extra lock from the inside.
  • We cannot stress enough how important it is to keep your daily schedule and especially your vacations off social media. In the US, hundreds of people get robbed on a daily level, while posting their palm treed photos on social media. They will definitely face an expensive procedure along with a home that was broken into when they get back home.
  • Be careful of strangers wanting to befriend you, be careful with friends’ friends. This is another essential thing which many people simply don’t pay enough attention to. But many people can pass over news to burglar groups if they spot something expensive in your home. Lock everything away when you have a party. If someone enquires about what you keep at home. The majority of burglaries are initiated by someone, who had already been into your home and could take a look or even get additional information on what you keep at home.
  • Always ask documentation and do a checkback on people who say that they are sent by service providers for various real or made-up reasons, without being called by you previously: a cable provider knocking on the door saying they need to check on the system or anything else, someone collecting statistical data are highly suspicious. Many of these people work for burglars. Unfortunately this can also happen when you actually need to call a professional to check on or mend any of your amenities. Make sure you put everything away, if you call someone to check on any of your appliances, plumbing or any other service.
  • Pay a very high attention and apply double security measures after renovation works were performed in your home or in your residential building: those who do renovation or their helpers are more than keen to pass over information if they see more than one valuable objects which makes burglarly worth doing. If you previously had to hand over your keys to them, call a 24 hr Bournemouth locksmith service to get every single one of your locks changed.
  • Light and noise normally keeps unwanted visitors away: if you keep a tv turned on and at least one light turned on that would instantly diminish the chances of a burglary happen in your abscence.
  • Dogs are some of the best ways to deter burglars especially if they are mid to large sized dogs and they are more effective than any expensive locks and alarm systems.

In case of emergency call a 24hr emergency locksmith service in Bournemouth, yet don’t forget to always talk to your insurer beforehand.