When is your home at heightened risk of burglary?

You can apply several ways to protect your home, but it’s also a good thing to know when it’s high time to be on the alert and make sure your home will not get burgled. Let’s see a couple of scenarios when it’s clear that your home is more likely to get robbed.

Construction works going on in your close area

Like it or not, when constructions are going on next your house, it will instantly become more vulnerable to break-ins. There are many reasons for that. The constant sound and noise can mask a break-through attempt more easily, all the strangers, construction workers mean tons of strangers suddenly walking around the area and they would see where you leave, when you arrive and last but not least, they may also have a clearer insight on what you have inside your home, by simply looking through the windows or fences. Many workers live in bad conditions, therefore they are some who work or help teams of burglars simply by letting them know if someone has left for a longer amount of time, or of families’ work schedules.

Renovation works inside your residential building or block

The above described situation is even worse if the construction is happening in your own apartment block, enabling workers to freely commute inside the building move around in the staircase and giving them the chance to closely observe your work patterns, what people keep in the storage spaces and even having a blink or two on what car you have or examine your quality of life. It is no wonder, many burglaries do happen right after in-building renovations are finished. Be especially alert not to let anyone in your apartment, unless you definitely need to and hide your valuables by all means.

Strangers suddenly appearing in your area

Did your close area start to do open marketplaces, flea markets or anything that calls in a higher number of strangers? If so, then it’s high time to call in a good Bournemouth locksmith service to check and update your lock systems and to see if additional security measures need to be applied to provide a better protection for your home. Residential, district or building clean-ups often work as a calling sign for burglars to check if they can find an apartment that’s prone or more vulnerable for break-ins.

When you leave for holidays

Empty buildings are always the most vulnerable to break-ins, especially during holiday seasons, when whole blocks can suddenly become all empty and there is noone around, who could watch over a home’s safety in a proper way. That’s why the majority of burglaries still happen during the summer months when the home owners are out and away for a longer period of time. Before you leave either leave lights on, ask a friend to come and stay over, ask a family member living nearby to check on your home every 2nd day and all in all do your best for your home not to appear as empty as it might be.

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