How to best protect your home from breaking in

There are so many ways to effectively keep burglars away. Some of these things require more financial input while others only require a minimal effort from your side. Let’s take a look at some of the largest vulnerabilities and let’a give you a few tips on how to protect your home effectively.

If you do have valuables, it’s time for you to protect them

When a burglary happens, it’s only partly about the loss of valuables, its mental component can be much harder to cope with. But the first thing you need to take into consideration is the types of valuables you have and the ways you protect them. Let’s see a few examples to home valuables and their best ways of protection:

  • Jewellery and gemstones: many people have jewellery and gemstones but they fail to store them adequately. This may not only be hazardous in terms of a burglary but also, when it comes to keeping the quality of jewellery. Professional Bournemouth locksmith services who are specialised in safes or are in contact with those providing safes can help you get a well built or in-build ( or even hidden) home safe for you to be able to effectively hide and store your valuables.
  • Money (cash): there is a high number of people, who won’t trust banks and prefer to keep larger amounts of money at hand. This is particularly true for the older generations who are at greater risk of robbery. We would definitely advise everyone to try to not keep their cash at home, especially not in a way anyone can see or get to know about this. Unfortunately, when someone’s older, burglars would automatically assume they keep cash at hand. This is why, additional reinforcement of door locks, window locks and in-built alarm systems are even more important for the elderly when they live alone.
  • Antique artwork: the best ways to protect antique artwork is to store and maintain them adequately and to have a good property insurance on them. Antiques are much sought after on the antique black markets. If you keep antiques, bear in mind not to boast too much about them and not to let strangers see them or learn their real value, whenever possible. This is especially true for rare paintings and ceramics.
  • Antique furniture: antique pieces of furniture can be extremely valuable but the keys to their protection is partly an adequate use and maintenance and to have them properly insured.
  • Valuable gadgets and equipment: if you own expensive technical equipment it’s always wise to include all of them in your insurance.

Good to know:

Insurance companies will not pay easily even though you get robbed. Many of them would only pay for things which were locked and it’s proven and shown that the safe was violently broke into. This is also true for the whole properly. This means if someone climbs in and just takes one of your antique art work, you may end up not getting paid anything. A professional 24hr locksmith service Bournemouth can give you a good advice on how to keep things locked and on more conditions of insurance companies.